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ARTIST STATEMENT …………………………………………………………….2011-07-05

A true artist is a person who experiences the environment on an emotional level. His/her eyes see and feel what the average person has overlooked. Some days everything, even an old rusty nail looks beautiful.

A few people feel nothing. Others feel a lot but have not developed a mode of release……of expression.

What we call artist are those who cannot only feel and are moved by God’s many gifts but have developed a mode of expression, a vehicle where they can share their experience with their fellow man, be the eyes for those who have not been blessed with the sensitivity to see the overwhelming beauty that is all around us.

My modes of expression are music (voice and violin), Ballroom dancing and photography.

What we produce as a work of art is just a small fraction of what we have experienced when we are inspired. The photographs which you see here are missing the wind that danced around me exciting the leaves, the sounds that caressed my being, the aroma that teased me, the warmth of the sun that vitalized me, the three dimensional depth, the changing environment before me. All of these are like the icing on my life’s experience. We can only hope that when all of this has been removed from the final product that what is left is still worthy of your admiration and that you can feel even a little of what I have tried to share with you.

I started photography when I joined the Harrison College Photographic club. That was a great learning experience. We had photographic exhibitions every year at school. The agricultural exhibition was another avenue for us to showcase our work. In 1969 I started a photographic club at the Barbados Community College and while there I won the first prize in portraiture and the best photograph taken with a Nikon at an exhibition put on by Barclays Bank. 1973 to 1978, five years of medical school put a stop to my photographic aspirations except when I won first prize in an “All India Photographic Exhibition”.

After that life got in the way and I packed away my camera. You can say that I am a “born again” photographer because I only started back serious photography in 2005. Soon after that I upgraded to digital and in 2006, joined the Barbados Photo Club (now Barbados Photographic Society). Between 2006 (when I first participated in NIFCA) and now I won 8 Bronze 10 Silver and 3 Gold awards, and in 2007 had my first solo Photographic Exhibition, and since then, exhibited in many other exhibitions. In NIFCA 2009 I was also awarded the most improved Photographer, the most Promising Participant Colour Photography, and the coveted Perce' Tappin Award and was also among those nominated for the Prime Minister’s Award.

Apart from being a farmer, a singer (founder member of the Cecillian Singers), a Ballroom instructor, and a doctor (Obs/Gyn) of 33 years, I am now again exploring life through photography.

Please join with me and enjoy a photographic appreciation an artistic record of what is still a very lovely but rapidly changing island. 99.9% of my artwork is and will always be of Barbados.

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